The American Chamber of Commerce this year a brand new idea, extending its mission from actual business leaders to the ones that are now shaping their careers.
Future business leaders are part of the solution for a healthy, viable economic future everywhere in the world, Romania being no exception. The young, skilled, professionals are inspirational and will put their energy in developing existing businesses, attracting investments and reaching a better level of competitiveness of Romania’s economy.

Aim of the project
The aim of the program is to give to those talents an unique opportunity to watch, interact and learn from top business elites in the country and perspectives and visions related to future professional paths as well as to bring the top Romanian young minds together in order to think, vision and take ownership in regard to the future of the country.

2 weeks during March – May

Students – 3rd – 4th year of study


Two weeks of internship in two companies (one company – one week) where you will shadow the executive team (General Manager and heads of other departments: HR, Sales, Financial, Marketing & Communication) between March and April 2013.

Two times participation in the AmCham Romania committee meetings (preferably in line with the study disciplines), as a silent participant, between March and April, 2013.

Two times participation in the AmCham Romania Board of Directors meetings as a silent participant in order to gaining insights on the work of a Board, understanding the way top-managers from different companies work together, between March and May 2013.

Participation at the AmCham Learning & Innovation workshops on a voluntary basis and depending on the students’ interest, during the internship period.

Participation at the AmCham Romania Annual General Meeting on March 2013.

An equivalent in RON, according to the rate of the National Bank of Romania, of 500 Euro stipend per student during this period.

As an end-result, the students will develop a group project – proposing their picture of Romania in the next 5-10 years. AmCham Romania will provide a consultant who will facilitate the work around a proven process and methodology during dedicated meetings
between March and May 2013.

The student must provide:
– The application form
– A Curriculum Vitae (in English)
– Two pages essay with your vision regarding the future of Romania – “Leading in Romania” (in English)

All the details referring to the application process and online application form can be found on the American Chamber of Commerce in Romania website/ “Become a Leader!” section,

The applications will be sent online to the American Chamber of Commerce in Romania until February 13, 2013, 6:00 p.m.

For further details, please contact the AmCham Romania Office at: 021/ 3124834; 3158694 or