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Emerging Europe and the Central Europe Association launch major new youth survey

Emerging Europe, a London-based research, news and business platform, in collaboration with the Budapest-based Central Europe Association, has launched the Emerging Europe Youth Survey. Its objective is to learn about the views and expectations of young people originating in 23 countries of Central and Southeast Europe (CSEE) and the Caucasus re- garding their countries, politics, international affairs and their future plans.

“We, at Emerging Europe, believe that our region is the future of Europe. That future, however, has to be looked at with the eyes of people in their early 20s who have just star- ted their adulthood,” said Andrew Wrobel, Founding Partner, Content and Strategy, at Emerging Europe. “They are the future of the region and we’d like to find out what they think, what their plans are and how they see their future in the region.”

“Our organisation, the Central Europe Association, believes that the emerging Europe region shares a common heritage and has to overcome similar challenges which holds for the youth, as well,” said Dominik Istrate, CEA’s 23-year-old Chairman. “By reaching out to the youth, we intend to draw the attention of stakeholders to how we can improve the so- cial, political and democratic situation in our countries going forward.”

The Emerging Europe Youth Survey is addressed to university students born between

1995 and 2000 in one of 23 countries of emerging Europe: Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Georgia, Hungary, Kosovo, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia, Ukraine. The survey focuses on questions related to the political, social and economic challenges that young people might face as well as their future plans.

The findings of the survey will be published in September 2019 and presented during the Global Member’s Summit of the Alliance for Business Services, Innovation and Technolo- gy, which is an Emerging Europe initiative; the Emerging Europe Youth Forum, a CEA ini- tiative which is scheduled for the autumn of 2019, as well as at an event organised by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the largest institutional investor in the emerging Europe region.



Emerging Europe is a movement, a business, research and media platform, or a think- and-do tank that generates ideas on how to enhance collaboration among the 23 coun- tries of Central and Southeast Europe and the Caucasus, attract investment, foster devel- opment in the region and build a better future for it. We act as a bridge between busi- nesses, governments and local authorities, investors, non-governmental

organisations, the academic and policymaking communities, serving as an independent voice that translates the region to the global audience. Emerging Europe is not affiliated with any organisation, business or government.

The Central Europe Association is a student-powered foreign policy NGO specialising in Central and Eastern European studies. As a value-oriented organisation, CEA is a proud supporter of the European integration of the emerging Europe region as well as support- ing Central and Eastern European relations within the Visegrád Group and beyond. By organising events about international affairs and carrying out executive IR research, it serves as a platform for research and discussion for university students. CEA is a non-prof- it, non-partisan and non-governmental organisation registered in Budapest, Hungary.

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