Central Europe and the English-Speaking World

An International Conference

29 July-02 August 2013

Debrecen, Hungary

The conference will be organized by Debrecen Summer School in association with the Institute of English and American Studies, University of Debrecen (Hungary), Poznan University College of Business (Poland) and Emanuel University (Romania)

  1. Description of the Conference

The conference organizers invite scholarly papers which investigate the interrelationships and interactions between the countries and cultures of Central Europe and the English-Speaking World in any walk of life including the arts and sciences, languages and literatures, history and economics, politics and sociology. The interdisciplinary conference—which is organized by three Central European institutions of higher education with a significant network of international connections—is designed to bring together primarily but not at all exclusively PhD students and young scholars whose main professional aim is to build an intellectual bridge of better understanding between Central Europe and the English-Speaking countries. Traditional lectures and presentations will be supplemented with workshops and roundtable discussions. Participants of the conference will have the opportunity to experience and/or take part in some traditional Hungarian cultural events.

  1. Major Topics

Papers are expected to include but not limited to the following topics:

—Language and Literature

—Religion and Philosophy

—Music and the Performing Arts

—Architecture and the Fine Arts

—Economy and Politics

—Cultural Studies

—Gender Studies

—Social Studies

—Education and Pedagogy

—Diplomacy and International Relations

—History and Geography

—Science and Technology

If you want to present a paper, please send an abstract of maximum 200 words

no later than 20 May 2013

to the following email address: debrecen@nyariegyetem.hu

Application deadline: 1 June 2013

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